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"Munnar" Oil on Panel, 2'x3' 2019

"Munnar" oil on canvas, 2' x 3'

Series on NBA legends, commemorating some of the greatest players to ever play. Each illustration encapsulates their style of play, their legacy, their accolades. Prints and canvas boards are available by clicking on each image.


My name is Arjun Ramesh, and I am an artist from Baltimore, MD. I have been painting and drawing since a very early age, and I am interested in realism through oil painting, graphic design, and medical & biological illustration. I hope to continue creating as I continue on to a career in the medical field; I also illustrate for clients figures and images that show the body as a fascinating machine, with different organs working in harmony. Please feel free to browse my portfolio and contact me about any paintings. I am available to do a painting, mural, or drawing on commission. Available paintings and drawings have price listings below them.

If you are interested in a commision, feel free to contact me! I am available to do a digital artwork, a scientific illustration/figure, or a painting. Thanks!


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