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        Art has been a creative outlet for me since an early age. It allows me to express the visual side of life that brings me joy. It also exercised a part of my brain that was less analytical, providing a balance between my technical work in the sciences and my more creative side in the arts. My technique was poor up until High School, where my teacher pushed me to work at art, to improve and refine my abilities. I paint now because deconstructing, and building the world back up, better allows me to stop and appreciate the present.

       Art is a visual medium to express how you see the world. Many of my paintings are based in realism because of my fascination with the natural beauty around me, the minutiae that go unnoticed. I attempt to  illuminate this in a lot of my pieces, whether in nature, landscapes, city-life, and even the human body. These interests are also highly influenced by my passion for science and medicine;  I graduated from Duke University in 2019 with a graduation with distinction in Biology, a minor in Chemistry and in Visual Arts. I hope to continue these passions as I continue on to become a doctor. Please feel free to browse the series paintings below, as well as my full portfolio. 


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